Psychology In Our Everyday Lives

Ever wonder why psychology matters? In this fascinating course, you’ll take a deep dive into the variety of specialties and career paths available in the field. You’ll explore how basic tools, such as research and statistics, support insights that are possible when you apply the methods of psychology. You’ll learn to use tools that are vital to success no matter what your future holds, skills like critical thinking and creativity—the stuff of everyday lives.

Program Dates

Multi-length courses available throughout the year


For students ages 13 and up



Discover the “Why” Behind the Science of Psychology

Explore the Purpose and Goals of Psychological Science

Psychology is all about understanding, predicting, and influencing—sometimes with the goal to change an outcome. Study the myths, social efforts, and influential figures that shaped this science.

Learn How Research and Statistics Support the Goals of Psychology

Statistics and research methods are the pillars of psychology, allowing us to know how the brain processes information to translate to behavior. See how research methods produce statistics.

Study Human Factors and Organizational Psychology

Discover two fast-growing applied psychology subdisciplines, and how they are helping improve society. Understand tangible ways these subdisciplines play out in our everyday lives.

Learn How Cognitive and Health Psychology Affect our Daily Lives

Study the interplay between mind and body. How are health and cognitive psychology connected? Delve into two new areas: cognitive and health psychology.

Review the Hottest Topics in Psychology Today

Learn how areas of psychology are evolving, how psychology promotes collaboration and gives us new advances, such as AI, mental health and social media, and healthy workplaces. 

Explore Potential Careers in Psychology

The material covered in this course will give you insights into the many careers available in psychology, such as clinical psychologist, consumer psychologist, and forensic psychologist.

How You Will Benefit

  • Be able to describe the purpose and goals of psychology.
  • Understand how research methods and statistics provide insights to human behavioral trends.
  • Know how different areas of psychology connect to one another and other sciences.
  • Become familiar with the ways psychology can be used to address society’s needs.
  • Be able to identify the potential career paths in psychology.
  • Earn a Certificate of Completion from Rice University.

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Three Learning Advantages Designed for You

Capstone Project

Create a 3-minute “news” video where you act as an anchor and present a summary of a news article that addresses a local, national, or global problem that you care about. Using what you’ve learned about psychology, address 3 project parts:

  1. Problem Identification
  2. Solution Approach
  3. Presenting Your Information


You’ll receive guidance from a mentor who can support you and deepen your learning experience. You can expect:

  • Encouragement and direction on all assignments. 
  • Inspiration, motivation, and confidence to help you excel in your studies. 
  • Brainstorming and ideation to help you prepare for your capstone project.

Flexible Learning

  • 100% online learning that works with your schedule.
  • Flexible format: you’ll learn through video lectures that allow you to tune in anytime that works for you.
  • 20-30 hours of total instruction and course work, 
  • Tech-forward interactions, including engaging multimedia, real-life simulations, and curated assignments.
  • Guidance and support from mentors.

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All course options have the same educational content, learning materials, and number of assignments. We are offering a condensed version of the course in order to accommodate students’ individual schedules.

Danielle King, Ph.D.

Course Designed by Rice University Faculty

Danielle King, Ph.D.

Assistant professor of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Rice University

Dr. King’s research focuses on the topics of employee resilience, resources, racial identity, and voice. Her work has been published in both peer-reviewed scientific journals and in popular media outlets, including Harvard Business Review and Forbes. She is the 2022 recipient of the American Psychological Association Achievement Award for Early Career Psychologists, and was designated by the Association for Psychological Science as one of the 2023 “Rising Stars.”

Meet Your Mentors

Rice University Precollege Program Psychology Course Mentor, Brittany


Holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in counseling. Also works as an academic advisor.

Rice University Precollege Program Entrepreneurship Course Mentor, Marcus


Currently a graduate student in Experimental Psychology as well as a Neuroscience researcher. Teaching assistant for Research Methods and Statistics course.

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